Interdisciplinary and appreciative collaboration

BBU is a modern organisation that endeavours constantly to shape its processes and structures in a way that best suits the work it does with its clients. Our business areas of basic care, legal advice and repatriation counselling are supported by the service areas of finance, IT and human resources. Many departments help our employees carry out their work across Austria with high quality and on the basis of uniform standards.

We are here for you

Andreas Achrainer

CEO – Chief Executive Officer Read more

Reinhold Bauer

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Stephan Klammer

Divisional Manager Legal Advice and Legal Representation

Alois Mühlbacher

Divisional Manager Basic Care

Michael Hajek

Divisional Manager Return Counselling & Services

Thomas Fussenegger

Head of Communication Contact

Jochen Wenderoth

Service Manager Human Resources

Our mission

Because human rights and human dignity are important to us, refugees seeking protection can trust that we will provide them with professional counselling, assistance and support.

We therefore work as a responsible, interdisciplinary and competent team.