Accommodation during the asylum procedure

Where do you live? Are you in Traiskirchen or at another BBU camp? You can get information at the “infopoint”. You will also find a map of the camp and the surrounding area there. It shows you how far away you are allowed to go with your green card.

Do you have a specific question? At the infopoint you can also find contacts for organisations that can help you (information and contacts for counselling centres are also here).

At Traiskirchen, the entrance to the infopoint looks like this:



Do you need a warm jacket or shoes? You are given clothing at the clothing handout point.

You receive clothing worth 150 euros per year. Even if it is not certain whether you will be granted asylum or if you
want to remain in Austria, you will be living here for a few weeks or months.


So take good care of your clothing – if you lose it or forget it during your transfer, it can be difficult to get new clothing.



BBU has fixed meal times. Check the infopoint to find out when your meal times are.

If you cannot make it to the meal because you are attending a course, are at the doctor or have to go to an interview, tell a member of staff beforehand: you will be given a packed lunch.

At BBU, pork is never served in any meals. Do you not like the food? Let the care workers know!


You have to sleep at the camp. The care workers check whether everyone is there. If you do not feel comfortable in your room, talk to your care worker.

If you do not make it back to camp in time, you should not sleep on the street. This can be dangerous.


Look here to see whether there is an emergency youth shelter near you. These are free of charge. You do not have to give your name either. Go straight back to the camp the next day.

Please do NOT continue your journey alone, even if the wait is long. This is dangerous. Speak to your care worker or your legal advisor.

REMU – volunteer work (paid)

If you want, you can work at the camp and earn money. For example, you can help to keep the camp clean or work in the garden. You receive EUR 1.60 for one hour’s work. The work is voluntary, which means you can do it if you want, but you do not have to. Ask your care workers at the camp if you want to work as a REMU (volunteer)!


After a period of time, you will be given a new place to live.

You might be moved to another part of Austria, to another federal state. It can take some time for a place to become available. Please try to be patient. We know that it is hard.


You might be moved to another BBU camp – you will be informed of this before the transfer. At this new BBU camp, there will also be care workers with yellow vests, a psychologist and a doctor.

Camps without BBU also have care workers who will help you. There are also other experts who will help you.


Do you have a problem at the camp? 

Do you feel uncomfortable at your camp? Are you being treated poorly? Is there something you urgently need to tell someone? Talk to the care workers or go to counselling centres (you will also find information and contacts for external counselling centres here).

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