You and your family

Do you not know where your parents or siblings are? Does your family not know where you are? The Red Cross tracing service will help you.

Photo credit: Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

You have to write an order for the Red Cross to search for your family or relatives. This order is called a “tracing request”. Your representative and your care workers will help you to write the tracing request. A Red Cross tracing request does not cost anything.

The Red Cross will do their best. The search for your family will take a lot of time, it is a slow process. You can also do something yourself: ask other people, ask friends, ask people from your country.

Unfortunately, the Red Cross is not always successful in finding the people it is seeking. Or the answer might be sad – if people are dead or ill.

Can your family come to Austria?

Only children and adolescents may apply to bring their family to Austria! 

Do you want your parents to come and join you? You have the right to live together with your parents. This is called “family reunification”. There are a lot of requirements. For example: You have asylum or your subsidiary protection in Austria has been extended.
Family reunification is complicated and can take a very long time. It is very important that you make the application three months after asylum has been granted. Your legal advisor will explain the application to you when you discuss the asylum decision.

Your family must make an application with an Austrian embassy. Please seek advice from your legal guardian and the Austrian Red Cross regarding family reunification, they will help you.

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