This is BBU

BBU is responsible for your care and your accommodation when you first arrive in Austria. Later, you will live somewhere else.

BBU is also in charge of your legal support in the asylum procedure, as long as you are living in a BBU camp and are under 18 years old.

BBU will also help you if you want to return home.

You can trust the staff at BBU, they will help you.

How long will you stay at a BBU camp?

How long you stay at a BBU camp depends on your asylum procedure. It is important that you understand what happens during the asylum procedure – read these informations carefully.

Firstly, the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum will check whether your application for asylum should be decided in Austria. It may be that another country makes the decision, for example if you are under 18 and can live there with your family. If Austria is responsible for your asylum application, you will move to another camp, where there are more experts to take care of you. Some children and adolescents stay at BBU for longer.

No matter where you are, you will always be taken care of by care workers.

As well as the camp staff, there are lots of experts who can help you. There are legal advisors and return counsellors for people who wish to return home. There are also lots of external organisations (information here).

The BBU Logo



When you see this logo, you are in a camp or a counselling centre of BBU. BBU is part of the State of Austria.


What BBU does not do

BBU does NOT decide on your application for asylum or on an application to travel to your family in another EU country. This is the job of the Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl [Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum]. You have the right to complain about the decision of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. Then a court decides, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht [Federal Administrative Court]. You will find information on your asylum procedure here.

BBU does not decide when you receive a transfer to another EU country or federal state. The Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum also decides this.

If you have a question or a problem and the staff are not helping you, tell us. You can go to another member of staff or to the infopoint, fill out a feedback form or write an email to: or

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