Now what?

So you have the white card?

You are given a white card. The white card means your asylum procedure will be in Austria. You will leave the BBU. You will also be given a new place to live. You might be moved to another part of Austria, to another federal state. Your care worker does not know where you will go. He will be happy to answer your questions about the various accommodations available.

 If you have relatives and wish to live close to them, please say so.

It can take some time for a place to become available. Please be patient until your transfer. Speak to your care worker or the psychologist if the wait is hard for you.

Are you in Austria without your parents? We are sure you miss them a lot. After your transfer, you will be given what is known as a “legal guardian”. This expert will listen to you. He helps you with your living arrangements, with attending school, with learning, if you need to go to the hospital. He is also your “legal representative”, which means he signs important documents for you. If you want, he will also speak to your parents.

Rights of children

  • Children have rights. In Austria, it is not permitted to hit children. They must not be treated badly. Adults should listen to them. Do not be afraid to speak your opinion.
  • Nobody is allowed to force you to work. You are allowed to go to school and get an education. Speak up if you do not understand something. Adults should explain it so that you understand.
  •  You might not want to be a child any more. But you cannot yet decide everything by yourself.
  • Use the time until you are 18 to learn something. Learn German. Talk to the experts who are there for you. They will help you think about what you want to do. They will explain what possibilities you have in Austria.
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