What happens next in the asylum procedure?

What happens next in the asylum procedure?

It will take several weeks, then you will have an interview with the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. During the asylum procedure, the authorities want to know why you can not go back to your home country. Prepare for the interview!

Your interviewer/case owner has already read all your documents. Now the case owner wants to know exactly why you left your home country and why you cannot go back. He will ask you a lot of questions. Answer and tell him everything, even if you have already said it in a previous interview. If you find it hard, please say so.

He can then decide whether you will receive asylum in Austria.

  • Your legal guardian will usually ask another expert to represent you in the asylum procedure; sometimes he will represent you himself. Your legal advisor will tell you what is happening!
  • Prepare for the interview. Your legal advisor will help you.
  • Do you only want to be interviewed by a woman? Do you only want to be interviewed by a man? Please tell this to your legal advisor beforehand.
The interview is confidential. This means that nobody is allowed to share anything you say with anyone else. Nobody in your home country will know or hear what you say.

Who is at the interview?

  • You.
  • Case owner from the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. He will conduct the interview. He gives you information. You can ask him anything.
  • Friend/care worker/trusted person. Is there a person you trust? Do you feel safe when this person is there? You can ask this person to come with you. The person is not allowed to speak for you.
  • Interpreter. Do you not understand the interpreter? Please say so immediately. There are no negative consequences.
  • If you are under 18 years of age: Your legal advisor. He will support you. But he is not allowed to speak for you.
The case owner might ask questions you have already heard. You might have already answered them in earlier interviews. The case owner has a list. He has to ask all the questions. Please answer them again.


How the interview works

  1. All the people are welcomed. Everybody is introduced with their name.
  2. Your rights and obligations are explained.
    1. Example: You have the right to take a break.
    2. Example: You have the obligation to tell the truth and to say everything you know. Are you hiding something? If the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum notices this, there will be problems in your asylum procedure.
  3. The interviewer asks you simple questions.
    1. Example: Your name? Your family? Your parents? Your
      school / your profession? Your documents?
  4. Your escape. Now you say why you fled and why you want asylum. The case owner asks you a lot of questions: What happened? Why did you flee? Why can you not go back?

Please tell them your story precisely. Please tell them all the details. This is important for the decision on your asylum application. Say everything you want to say. You have lots of time. Do you feel sad and get scared when telling your story? Is it hard to tell?

You can say that you need a break. 

  •  Speak to your legal advisor. He can help you if it is too hard to keep talking.

Please tell the truth. You know your story best. Is there an answer you do not know? Say “I do not know”.

Only say what you know for sure. That is okay.

Is there a word or question you do not understand? Ask for an explanation.

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