Your birthday – your age

Your birthday – your age

Your age is important in Austria. People who are older than 18 years of age are considered “adults”. Children and adolescents are “minors”. Children and adolescents are treated differently than adults. Please tell the truth about your age.

Any date can be converted from other calendars. The police will do this.

It does not matter if you do not know the European date. The police, the Federal Office or your legal advisor can convert any date from other calendars.


  • Some children and adolescents do not have any documents that show how old they are. Sometimes they need to have their age determined. They have to undergo “age diagnosis”.
  • Age diagnosis means: a doctor carries out medical examinations that determine your age. X-ray of the arm, X-ray of the teeth, examination of the body.

What if you do not want to get undressed in front of the doctor?

Please go to the appointment anyway. Say if you do not want to get undressed. There are no negative consequences.



The doctor shares the result with the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum. The Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum will tell you whether you are a “minor” (under 18) or “adult” (over 18). This is then how old you are for the Austrian authorities.

If you are an adult (over 18) you will be treated differently. You will live in houses for adults. You might have to go back to another EU country (you will find information on the Dublin Regulation here).

 You might think the age is wrong. As soon as you receive an initial decision in your asylum procedure, you can say “no” to this result, or in other words, you can complain (more information here)
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