Arrival in Austria

Every person who requests asylum in Austria (or “files an application for asylum”) is taken to a safe place. There are safe places in the federal states too. Are you under 18 years old? Then you will first be taken to the safe place known as the “Erstaufnahmestelle” [initial reception centre]. The initial reception centre is in Traiskirchen in the federal state of Lower Austria. The Erstaufnahmestelle Ost [Initial  Reception Centre East] is the official name of the camp in Traiskirchen. There are also camps for children and adolescents in other places in Austria, for example in Reichenau an der Rax or in Korneuburg.

In Traiskirchen, you will be welcomed by staff members. The staff members will ask you, “Are you hungry?” or “Do you need clothing?” They will also ask your name and age. You will get a room in a house with other people.

You will arrive and be given an identity card. Your identity card is important. You must ALWAYS carry your identity card with you. If the police ask, please show your card.

Green card: The admission procedure has started (see here). Where do you live? Are you in Traiskirchen or another BBU camp? You may leave the camp, but should not travel too far away.

White card: Your asylum procedure (details here) is in Austria. You will be given a new place to live. You might be moved to another part of Austria, to another province. It can take some time for a place to become available.

You can always ask the experts for advice. Write down the name and telephone number of your legal advisor.


Is a member of your family living in Austria? Please tell the Federal Of fice for Immigration and Asylum. You can also tell the care workers and ask them to pass on this information.

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